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Hierarchical Categories Categorize your contacts according to levels (i.e. CEO / Manager / Supervisor) and view relationships graphically.   x x x x
Tags Assign tags to your contacts for further categorization and ease in searching by categories.   x x x x
Unlimited Customizable Fields You're not limited to what we think you need - you have complete control over the data you want to save for your contacts.   x x x x
Centralized Management Manage your contacts across multiple applications, from one location.   x x x x
Access Information Anytime, Anywhere Contact information is always at your fingertips, even if your applications are not - as long as you have access to the internet.   x x x x
Always Up To Date Never worry about old contact information - update it once and it's updated everywhere. And it works both ways: into and out of RovingContacts.   x x x x
Safe, Secure and Backed-up Your data is stored on our secure, highly accessible servers that use state-of-the-art security methods. The traffic on our network flows behind an enterprise-class firewall and all communication is done over a SSL secured connection to protect your data while in transit.   x x x x
No Servers, No Infrastructure, No "IT guy" There's no technical junk for you to know or manage - it's all "in the cloud" and maintained by our IT guys.   x x x x
Fast and Easy-to-Use Interface RovingContacts is a native Windows application it is faster than a comparable web application and has a familiar look and feel. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes.   x x x x
Collaborate On Other Address Books Help your colleagues and friends build their contacts when they invite you to share their address books.     x x x
Merge Duplicates Use RovingContacts to merge your duplicates - you choose how and what to override differing information.     x x x
Automated Contact Completion RovingContacts searches the web for info about your contact and auto-fills your contact's fields for you.       x x
Share With Colleagues and Friends Set up permissions for others to have access to your address books - a great way to delegate and network. You control what gets shared with whom.       x x
Automatic Duplicated Detection RovingContacts alerts you when you have a duplicate contact so you can merge them.           x
User Management Set up additional users within your organization, and assign permissions to each user.         x
Synchronization With External Platforms Import from and synchronize your own proprietary databases with RovingContacts.         x
Live Search infoSearch for contacts in a wide variety of ways - by category, by tags, by any information you like.   x x x x
Category Browsing infoBrowse through your categories with ease.   x x x x
Relationship Browsing Browse through your contacts by relationship strings.   x x x x
Tag Cloud infoView assigned tags in clouds, just like in your social media applications.   x x x x
Maps and Driving Directions infoView maps of your locations, and pull up detailed, step-by-step driving instructions.   x x x x
Label and Envelope Printing infoCompile any or all of your contacts and create labels and print envelopes.     x x x
Fully Customizable Reporting Create your own reports to fully manage and track complex contact databases.     x x x
Direct Email infoEmail your contacts with one-click access through RovingContacts.   x x x x
Direct Link To Social Media Profiles infoOne-click access to your contacts' Facebook and Twitter profiles. Also, "upgrade" your contacts with RovingContact's automatic data mining to pull profiles into your contact files.   x x x x
Direct Link To IM infoOne-click access to instant messaging gives you added flexibility in communicating with your contacts.   x x x x
Realtime People Online Profile infoKnow when your contacts are online so you can contact them in realtime.       x x
Access External Services infoOne-click access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and more from each contact record.   x x x x
Link To Your Website infoSet up a connection with your website and automatically import and synchronize your RovingContacts database with information gathered at your website via contact forms.         x
Custom Synchronization Integration infoSet up sychronization rules to integrate data gathered from your own website or other proprietary database exactly how you want.         x

There are no signup fees and you aren't bound by a minimum contract or long-term commitment with any of our plans. You can cancel or downgrade your account at any time at no charge.

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