Contact Management Software

Explore relations in RovingContacts

Explore relationships

Visually browse through your contact relationships
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Always up to date contact management

Always up to date

Your addresses are always available and current
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Search, browse and find in the software

Search, browse and find

Get the information you need, fast and easy
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Locate and get directions

Locate and get directions

Get to meetings on time with integrated maps and directions.
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Live Synchronisation

Each time you import your contact information in another platform you create yet another duplicate - which you will eventually have to maintain and update on a regular basis. With LiveSync those days are over!

We provide you with bridges to the most common platforms where contact information is stored. All your contact informations stays in sync and is accessible wherever you need it. Because we are using open Standards the list is rapidly growing. We can even make your custom application synchronize, for more info contact us.


Relationship Browsing

Relations between contacts are surely as important as their data.

To help you build a highly relational network of contacts we provide the ability to add an unlimited number of relations to each contact. Each relation can be extended with relation specific information eg. family, friends,employee, ceo,...


Manage and Organize

Tagging & Categories
Tagging your contacts and attaching them to categories is fast and easy. You can create as many groups as you like and use them later to browse or base mailing lists on.

Manage duplicates with PowerMerge
A quick side by side compare and a powerful merge feature lets you deal with duplicates in a intuitive way.


Centralize and Secure

When you use online software like RovingContacts, your office is wherever you are - at work, at home, in a hotel, at a client’s office, even on your mobile phone. RovingContacts is everywhere with internet access.

We are vigilant about protecting your account and customer data with advanced physical and procedural security methods. Your data is stored on a secure, high-availability server cluster. Our software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. The traffic on our network flows behind an enterprise-class firewall to keep your data safe. All communication is done over a SSL secured connection to protect your data while in transit. SSL encryption is widely used by payment systems, financial and governmental institutions to prevent hacking of transferred data.

Search and Find

Find your contacts quickly and easily. RovingContacts provides a variety of search tools to help you find the information you need.

You can search for it using the quick or the extended search or you can browse information through relations, tags, categories,...


Fast and Intuitive

RovingContacts is designed to get you to your information with the least number of mouse or keyboard clicks.

Because it is a native Windows application it is faster than a comparable web application and has a familiar look and feel. In just a few minutes you will be able to effectively start using RovingContacts.


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